BRBR Proposal Update

Progress to date

We have updated our proposal after experimenting with its proposed functionalities, using Metro #720 as a prototype.  Our draft website can now perform the following:

  1. Display locations of 720 stops
  2. Display time to next bus arrival at stop in an infowindow
  3. Using the time until next arrival from the Metro API, draw a circle that represents how far one can walk after getting off the bus (assumes that the average person walks 80 meters/minute)
  4. Toggle the bus stop and buffer layers on and off

Function 3 requires further explanation.  Assuming that a person is already on the bus and a twenty minute time budget, the amount of time s/he will have to walk after disembarking at a given stop equals (20 min – time to next bus(givens stop)).  Thus, there is an inverse relationship between time to next bus arrival and buffer radius.  For a given stop, if the next bus arrives in 20 min the user cannot walk anywhere after disembarking.  But if the next bus arrives in 0 min, the user can walk the full 20min time budget after disembarking.

Next steps:

  • Bring in bus stop location and travel time buffers for multiple Metro routes
  • Bring in additional API data, including Yelp reviews and Google Maps directions capability
  • Allow the user to consider new modes (car, walk, bike) in addition to transit.  From there construct the full time-space map
  • Improve graphic design/layout of site