Week four update: Toggling layers

This week I’ve updated a few things on my map of the proposed Metro Purple Line extension.

(Open the full-sized map here.)

First, I’ve added live bus location information to the map. Buses, indicate by red icons, stand out clearly against the small orange dots representing bus stops. A single check box for each of the six bus lines represented on the map allows you to toggle the line on and off, alternately displaying and hiding stop and live bus locations.


The second major addition to the map are businesses and institutions (specifically schools, government offices and banks). They can also be toggled on and off using check boxes in the left-hand column. To help the user visualize how close these businesses and institutions are to to the proposed subway stops, I have added quarter-mile buffers around the subway stations to indicate what is widely considered an easy walking distance for the typical transit user.

Week 4 Web Assignment

I’m not sure why this week ended up being so complicated. In the end, it wasn’t much more difficult than previous weeks but Javascript is a sensitive soul, easily offended by an errant namespace or unclosed function.

This week I added layers relevant to Metro’s proposed Donut Line, which includes bookstores at which to read while you’re eating a donut, cafes at which to buy a coffee to enjoy with your donut, and gyms, where you can work off all the donuts you just ate. If any one of these options does not suit your needs, all you need to do is toggle the layer on and off.

A link to the map follows this screenshot:

Link to full map.

Week 4 Bus Map

To see the full website, click on the image above or click here.

The new map allows users to see how the proposed new bus stops will help students to connect to the Metro Gold Line. By checking/un-checking the boxes on the left, users can also see how the new bus stops help residents in the neighborhood to access to different types of businesses and schools. As the GIS layer shows, the median household income in the neighborhood is low. Since low-income household generally relies heavily on public transit, the new bus stops will help improve their mobility as well. Therefore, since the proposed bus stops help the accessibility of students and other residents to schools and businesses, I strongly recommend to offer new bus services in Palms/Sawtelle area.

Week 4: Website Assignment

The latest version of the Proposed Mid City Bus Stops website now features toggling! I decided not to include the bound part of the code because everything was outshining the proposed stops which is kind of the point of the whole thing. Admittedly the color scheme got a little bit nauseating this time, but I had to dedicate most of my efforts to making the site work this week.