Each group will make a 15 minute presentation during finals week.  The final will mark the public launch of each group’s site.  The final presentation must be done in a professional manner, and your presentations will factor in your final grades.  Prepare your presentation as if you were presenting at a conference, proudly launching a new and powerful website to your audience.  Provide clear and concise narratives on why your site is unique, who it is for, why it is relevant in planning (or related field), and why the audience should use it.  Follow this up with a live demo of the site.  The more “wow” factors, the better!

Website technical requirements

The website must be built using Google Maps v3 API.  It must be a complete, functional website, ready to be published to the public as-is.  It must also demonstrate dynamic, real time content and user interactivity.  In other words, it should not be a site that simply allows users to toggle layers on/off.  In addition, it must meet the following requirements:

  • Interaction: Must have one or more user input fields for user interaction (these can be text fields, radio buttons, or check-boxes) This is different from toggle checkboxes for map layers…
    • Find address
    • Get directions
    • Custom field for user defined parameters (ex: distance, time)
    • Equivalent feature that allows users to search or filter dynamically
  • Custom functions: Must have one or more custom functions (ie, functions not provided by class tutorials) created by the group that performs algorithmic calculations and/or data queries that contribute to the production of mapped results
  • Layers: Group authored layers (points, lines or polygons)
    • At least 1 layer must have a legend in the sidebar
    • At least 1 layer must have click-able attributes that results in a customized display of data regarding that element
  • Help:  Site must have a FAQ or User guide section

Last, but not least, ALL features of the site must be functional.

Note: A variation of the required elements for the final can be negotiated beforehand, but must have instructor approval to proceed.

Blog entry

Create a final blog entry announcing the public launch, with a full description of all the features for the site.  The blog should have sections on:

  • Project:topic, description, and functionalities
    • Who is it for, why is it useful, how are you implementing it
    • Relevancy to planning or related field
  • Diagrams: flowcharts, sketches and/or wireframes that describe the site’s planning process and functional flow
  • Team:  Description of roles and what each team member did
  • Evaluation:  what worked, what did not, what would you do if you had more time, what is the future of the project (if any)
  • Documentation:define the technical requirements:
    • User interaction
    • Custom functions
    • Custom layers


Grading for the final project will be based on following factors:

  • Presentation (10%)

  • Blog Entry (5%)

  • Creativity/Innovation/Usefulness (25%)

  • User interface/experience (15%)

  • Technical requirements (25%)

  • Bugs (lack of) (10%)

  • Evaluations from other team members (10%)


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