How to set up Dreamweaver

  1. Start Dreamweaver and go to Site, New site
  2. Enter a name for your site (ex, “Advanced GIS”), and designate a local directory to store files in.
  3. Click on the Servers tab on the left, and click on the “+” (add) button at the bottom
  4. Enter your login info for the course FTP site
  5.  Click on the Advanced tab, and make sure to check “Automatically upload files to server”
  6. Click Save twice.
  7. In the file manager panel (usually on the right), make sure your folder is selected and Remote Server is selected.  Then, click on the connect button (looks like a plug).
  8. You should see your folders and files.  To create a new folder and/or file, you can right click to do so.  Happy coding!

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