How to submit your assignments

For each assignment, you are asked to create a website using your Bruin Online account.  Once you have created your website assignment, you will need to:

  1. Take a screengrab of your website and save it as an image file (jpg, png)
  2. Upload the screenshot to the class website (here)
  3. Hyperlink the screenshot to your website URL
  4. Write a blog entry on what you produced, and what it does

Here are the specific steps to do this:

  1. log in and access the dashboard
  2. go to Posts/AddNew
  3. click on the Upload/Insert image button
  4. Select the image file from your harddrive, and upload it into your post.  Make sure to click on “insert to post”
  5. Check the correct category for your assignment from the Category panel on the right

One thought on “How to submit your assignments

  1. I went through the steps and managed to post both ch 3 and 5 maps but not sure how to verify if they get posted? when I check my website they seem to work… too many roads leading to Rome here…

    ok on to the next exercise…

    Dao Doan

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