Students will form groups of 3-4 members and make a 10-15 minute presentation during week 6.  The midterm will mark the launch of each group’s “Beta” site.  The project must be relevant (and useful) in the field of Urban Planning (or your respective field of study), and must demonstrate functionalities that have practical usage for a specified user audience.  While each group can have a lead presenter, each member must also speak about the role she/he had in the development process.  The presentation must also have a “live” demonstration, where the group shows off their site, going over the different layers and functionalities it provides.

Blog entry

Create a blog entry announcing the beta launch, with a full description of all the features for the site.  The blog should also have sections on:

  • Project topic, description, and functionalities
  • Who is it for, why is it useful, how are you implementing it
  • Diagrams, flowcharts, sketches and/or wireframes that describe the site’s planning process and functional flow
  • Description of roles and what each team member did
  • Challenges:  what worked and what did not
  • Additional features to implement for the Final

Technical requirements

The website must be built using Google Maps v3 API.  In addition, it must meet the following requirements:

  • Must use a unique namespace for your group
  • Must demonstrate a good usage of function calls
  • One or more custom layers (points, lines or polygons) created within the Maps API, and/or authored in Google Earth and imported as a KMZ
  • Incorporate TWO or more data feeds from two or more API’s (ex. Metro LA, Yelp, Zillow, etc)
  • A page layout that has a title and an “about” section (feel free to link back to the class website page that has a blog entry about your group)
  • Page layout should also have a link back to the blog entry that announces the beta launch

Note: A variation of the required elements for the mid-term can be negotiated beforehand, but must have instructor approval to proceed. For example, you may opt to use a Google Fusion dataset instead of a KMZ layer, or you may choose to use just one API extensively, rather than two.

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