Mashing Metro’s Union Station Trip Planner!

Web Mapping Proposal: Union Station Trip Planner

Union Station is the only major transit hub serving the Los Angeles
area. The station serves as a connection point for major rail lines
such as Amtrak, Metrolink and Metro subway and light rail routes. The
adjacent Patsaouras Transit Plaza serves bus lines operated by Metro,
LADOT, Big Blue Bus and other municipal and private transit providers.
Mashing Metro will develop a trip planner revolving around Union
Station to serve passengers that must use to the facility to transfer
to a bus to reach their final destination. The website will allow
users to input a destination and the application will generate the
best direct bus route from Union Station.

The user will have the option of inputting an address or choosing from
a drop down menu of popular destinations such as sports complexes,
shopping districts and cultural attractions. This menu will be sourced from popular guides on destinations in Los Angeles. Once this information issubmitted, the website will generate two outputs: a map showing the route from union station to the destination and a side box providing textual information. This box will contain four items of information:

1. Bus Company and Route Number: Users will be given only one direct
route option.
2. Time of Departure: Minutes until the next bus departs
3. Headways: User is shown frequency of service and given opportunity to plan
4. Name of destination stop: intersection or bus stop name that rider
is to disembark


Below is the list of all datasets that the project will use.
1. Bus travel information (next bus, frequency, bus stop, and etc.): Metro API
2. Popular destination information:3
a. Wikitravel API
b. Yelp API
c. Frommers Guide API


Major Milestones:
Week 5: Develop a list of key sites for drop-down menu. Create basic
layout website.
Week 6: Develop functioning destination search by drop-down menu of
key destination sites with real-time data feed.
Weeks 7 and 8: Develop functioning destination search by address with
real-time data feed.
Week 9: Draft of website.
Week 10: Release of website.

Issues and Concerns:
1. Will we be able to show the length of the journey?
2. Will we be able to show pedestrian routes from Union Station to bus
stop and from bus stop to final destination?