7.1 ArcGIS Server: Publishing Map Services

Welcome to the crazy world of ArcGIS Server!  Here, you will learn how to:

  1. take an existing ArcMap project, migrate (FTP) it to a server running ArcGIS Server
  2. create and publish a “map service” for the ArcMap project
  3. add it as a layer in your maproom

Say “hi” to Whippet

Configuring and Organizing your Project

Before being able to publish a mapservice, you will need to do two things:

  1. make sure that the mxd file along with all associated data (shapefiles) is contained within the same folder
  2. Store relative pathnames to data sources

Relative paths need to be set in ArcMap prior to saving the file.  Go to File>Map Document Properties, in the field Pathnames: check the box for Store relative pathnames to data sources, and click OK.

Now copy the entire project folder to your personal folder on the ArcGIS Server FTP provided to you by the instructor.

  • Host: whippet.ats.ucla.edu
  • Username: GISstudent
  • Password: Will be given in class

ArcGIS Server Manager

Open Chrome or Firefox, and load the ArcGIS Server Web Manager located here.

You will be greeted with a login screen. Use the following information to log in:

  • Username: WHIPPET\GISstudent
  • Password: Will be given in class
  • ArcGIS Server: WHIPPET

After logging in, locate and click the Services tab on the left hand side panel. There is a drop down menu here which allows you to navigate between folders that exist on this server. Click on the drop down arrow for “services in” and find your folder (ex: “2012_yoh”).  All folders will be preceded with “2012_”, followed with your name.

After making sure that you selected your folder, let’s create a new map service.  Click Add New Service to bring up the wizard.

In this first step, give your map service a name and description. Take note that your service name cannot contain spaces. Alternatively you can use underscores in place of spaces. Make sure that the Type is Map Service, and click Next.

Step 1

For this next step you only need to fill in the first field. Use the Open Folder button next to the first field to navigate to your mxd and select it. Leave the default values in all the other fields and click Next.  All student folders are located under:


In this step, leave all the fields intact and click Next.

For this final step, select Pooled – Used repeatedly by many clients.. Input 0 as the Minimum number of instances and input 10 for the Maximum number of instances.
Under the Timeouts section input 120 seconds for the first field, 120 seconds for the second field, and 60 seconds for the final field. This step is especially important because it reduces the strain your service produces on the server and thus makes your service run faster. Finally press Finish instead of Next.

ArcGIS Server REST Services

Now that your service has been uploaded you can view it at Whippet REST Services. Click on your personal folder to navigate to your mapservice. The mapservice page shows the content of your mapservice including metadata and what layers are available. Take note of the URL of your map service in this REST Services interface, we will be using this when pulling the GIS layers into our maprooms later.

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