Week 1

Things to go over…

  1. Welcome to 10 weeks of the Erin and Yoh show!
  2. Overview of the course
  3. Review Syllabus
  4. Who this class is for, and who it is not for
  5. Fill out form for students who are not registered
  6. –Break–
  7. Introductions
  8. Go over class website
  9. Use the Discussion Forum!
  10. How to submit assignments
  11. Group Projects: 3 to 4 per group (next week)


The spatial revolution of the web

Web GIS Examples


Hands-on Coding Workshop

Assignments: All 3 assignments due by SUNDAY

  1. Codecademy: http://www.codecademy.com/
    Learn to code using codecamdemy’s fun and interactive lessons!  For your week 1 assignments, complete the Introduction lessons and projects.  You should end up with the following badges.

    What to submit:
     When you are done, take a screen capture of your badges (make sure to include your name and points), and create a blog entry in the class website that includes the screen capture.  Make sure to choose “Week 1: Codecademy” as the category for your post.
  2. Web development
    You are working for a transportation agency and need to propose the location of 5 new metro stops in your community.  Your boss has asked you to create a website that displays the 5 locations with a short descriptions of each.  You are new to your job, and really want to impress your colleagues, and decide to create a fully interactive, online mapping display of your proposal. You should use info windows, adding descriptions to justify why you selected particular locations. You do not need to use advanced methods (such as buffering all existing bus stops) but the map should explain why you selected that location. If you are interested in adding your own shapefiles to display or layers from ArcGIS online, the code can be found here (from the Week 10 lab from Intro GIS)  http://gis.yohman.com/up206a/creating-a-google-mash-up/

    *Coding Requirement: You must use a function to generate your place markers (ie, do NOT copy and paste the same code 5 times).  Also, you must figure out how to incorporate the creation of info markers within the function.Submitting your work:

    1. Create a maproom of your proposal, and post it on your BOL web space.
    2. Take a note of the URL (ex: “http://yohman.bol.ucla.edu/maproom.html”
    3. Create a new blog entry in the class website (here), embed your maproom by using the iframe shortcode (described here)
    4. Describe your proposal (Example submission)
    5. Make sure to choose the category for your post “Week 1: Website Assignment”
  3. Web GIS Site Reviews
    Create two blog entries that reviews 2 sites that uses interactive GIS technology.  Entry must include screenshots, an evaluation of technologies used, user-interface pro’s and con’s, and a general evaluation of what is good or bad about it for use in your own group projects. Your evaluation should cover: ease of the user interface for viewing information, its intuitiveness, and its completeness in providing information.  Make sure to include the category for your post “Week 1: Site Review”

23 thoughts on “Week 1

  1. One other tip…if your javascript has bugs and the page won’t load, turn on the error console in firefox to see what line is causing the problem.

    click Tools > Error Console to turn it on.

  2. Is anyone having any trouble with Chapter 3 adding the Google Maps API. I wrote the code and set it up the folders, but I can’t seem to get the page to run.

  3. I’m trying to set up Bruin Online in Filezilla but cannot connect. I typed myid.bol.ucla.edu and I know I need / then something else but I cannot remember. Can anyone help me to access?

  4. I was having crazy trouble with chapter 3 as well. Finally I solved the problem by actually setting up the folders like the book suggests. Alternatively, you can buy-pass the folders and put all your script and css on one page but you will need to alter the script lines in your html to mirror the script lines from the class exerise since the ones in the book link to the folder. I barely get this stuff so I’m probably speaking gibberish.

  5. Thanks for the links, David. Error Console really helped me locate the many (many) bugs in my code. Now for another pass at the javascript for Chapter 5!

  6. Can anyone recommend an alternative to Notepad++ for Macs? Unfortunately, Notepad++ is only available for PCs. I’ve heard TextWrangler might be a good way to go.

    Also, thanks for the link to Eloquent JavaScript, David. Very helpful!

  7. Has anybody started the book homeworks from this week? Any clue how to get these images to show up? It’s a bit unclear whether he’s set up new folders. I tried that approach and got a downloaded image to appear using Firefox but not Safari. As for the sprites, they don’t seem to show up at all… Any ideas?

    • Okay… I sorta got it… The dude who writes this book is totally unclear about things. It appears that you need to already have images in a folder and the sprite image has to be an image of multiples… I have no idea where he got the green one, I just took a screenshot and tried to approximate as best as possible… Now I’m realizing that I don’t think we even have to post the sprite part of the chapter! Sigh sigh sigh!

    • Did you ever get the weather icons to show up in Safari. I have the folders set up properly but no icons show up? Maybe I need to try another browser?

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