Week 2

Things to go over…

  • Due date modificaitons
    • Individual assignments: due MONDAYS (midnight)
    • Group assignments: due TUESDAYS 7pm
    • A note about help from instructors
  • Google Maps API reference book
  • Student survey
  • Office hours
    • Yoh:  Thursdays 3:00-5:00pm (by appointment.  Other times negotiable too. Sandbox, Math Sciences Building)
    • Erin: Wednesdays 1:00-3:00pm (today is an exception – will stay after class until 1pm. Fishbowl, SPA lab)
  • Review of Week 1 material
    • Common problems?
    • Biggest frustrations?  Let’s talk…
  • Badges of the week
  • FTP accounts for everybody

 Dave’s Corner:  What is a function?

New editor options

Hands-on Coding Workshop

Group Activities

  • Introductions
  • Call for topics
  • Choose your topic of choice


  1. Codecademy: Functions (due Monday)
    Complete the functions section AND the Hello, New York project to gain the following badges.  Post your results to the class website:
  2. Web development (due Monday)
    Your boss loved your bus stop google mash-up you created last week.  Now she wants to publish it to some clients.  She has asked you to make the site more presentable by adding a title, description and also wants to acknowledge your work by adding yourself as the author of the site.  In addition, she would like you to add a layer that shows the location of some local businesses that are within a quarter mile of each bus stop. 

    *Coding Requirements:

    1. You must create a new layout for your site.  Choose from one of the two layouts from this tutorial, or create an original layout yourself!
    2. Create the “local businesses” layer in Google Earth, and use the KMZ as a layer on your map.  Use this tutorial as reference.
    3. Make sure all your functions have a unique namespace.

    Once again, to submit your assignment, create a blog entry, describe your project, and embed using the iFrame shortcode (<- please)  to your site.

    Also, please include a hyperlink to the fullscreen version of your site.

  3. Group Assignment (due Tuesday 7pm)
    Imagine your group as an IT organization that specializes on web mapping technologies.  Create a blog entry that officially announces the public unveiling of your group to the world. Be creative. Introduce each team member and their roles and add photo’s of each member. Give yourselves creative titles.  Create a logo if you are inspired. Describe your topic, and add a short proposal of what you intend to produce for the class project.  What are you creating, what does it do, who is it for. 

    1. Email the instructors with the name of your group
    2. Instructors will create a new post category for your group
    3. Have one designated author for your group
    4. Create a new post, make sure to choose your group category
    5. Enter your group assignment

7 thoughts on “Week 2

  1. where should the images be located in the file structure when being referenced in JavaScript (as done in the book)? Should the images be located in a separate folder within the “js” folder?

  2. I created a new folder in my filezilla file structure entitled “img.” I dropped in the images he provided. Somewhere in the intro chapter he provides a link to these files. Be sure the name of the files match exactly in your folder and js.

    • Have a designated group author, login as you normally do, and add a new post. Make sure to check your group category on the right before you submit your post.

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