Week 4

Things to go over…

  • Office hours
    • Yoh:  Thursdays 3:00-5:00pm (by appointment.  Other times negotiable too. Sandbox, Math Sciences Building)
    • Erin: Wednesdays 1:00 – 2:00pm (fishbowl)
    • Ryan: Mondays 11:00am – 12:00pm (SPA computer lab)
  • Review of Week 3 material
    • Common problems?
    • Biggest frustrations?  Let’s talk…
  • Badges

 Dave’s Corner

Hands-on Coding Workshop

Group Updates

  • Each group to talk about project updates and current status

Group Time

  • Open group time


  1. Web development (due MONDAY)
    This is the final web assignment before the mid-terms.  There will be no assignment in week 5, allowing everybody to focus on their group projects

    Everyone is so excited with your prototype, it has gone all the way  to upper management.  You have become an instant hit in the organization and earned yourself the nickname “el mapador” (or “la mapadora”).  After some review, there are just two additional features that have been requested from the powers above: 

    1. provide the ability to toggle each layer
    2. add businesses from Google Places around the proposed stops

  2. Group Assignment (due TUESDAY)
    There are no real requirements this week, other than to submit one or more blog entries that provides status reports.  What you’ve been working on, what has been working, what has not, what has changed, etc.  If changes have been made to the wireframe, then post a new one. If new functional sketches have been created, post them too. Be free to elaborate on any progress and/or issues you are having, as it helps your venture capitalists Erin and Yoh (E.Y. Ventures) monitor your progress.

4 thoughts on “Week 4

  1. Hi Yoh,

    I’m having trouble with the Flickr API: I can only bring in photos for my middle bus stop. I see from the source code that the lat, long coordinates that Flickr uses come from “map.getCenter”. I tried to replace the map center by hardcoding in one of my lat, long pairs, but I broke the code. So my question is (1) how do we hardcode in a location, and (2) how do we hardcode in several locations for all 5 stops?

    Also, I’m finding that my toggle will not turn off the Flickr layer. This is surprising because I followed the class tutorial very closely, and the toggle worked properly then.


    • Ok, I’ve solved the toggling error. Please let me know about the multiple Flickr locations when you get a chance. Will we need to create a new array?

      • Hi Alex,

        Sorry for the delayed response. Ok, I have tackled the multiple flickr location question. First, you want to modify your beata.getFlickr function, and add two new parameters for lat and lon. This way, the function is ready to accept any lat/lon pair, instead of hard coding it in the JSON url.

        beata.getFlickr = function(search, lat, lon) {…….}

        then, you would need to make 5 calls to this function, each with different lat/lon’s, like this:

        beata.getFlickr(‘cafe’,34.06974253151584, -118.4450626373291);

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