Week 7

Things to go over…

  • Office hours
    • Yoh:  Thursdays 3:00-5:00pm (by appointment.  Other times negotiable too. Sandbox, Math Sciences Building)
    • Erin: Wednesdays 2:00 – 4:00pm (fishbowl)
    • Ryan: 12pm – 1pm Mondays (this lab)

Special Guest Speaker: Rosten Woo


Hands-on Coding Workshop

Group Time

  • Open group time


  1. Web development (due MONDAY)
    It has been a few weeks, and your bus stop website has been a huge success, earning the highest number of public hits compared to all the static content your organization has up online.  On your recommendation, the organization has purchased an ArcGIS Server license, and is ready to have you use it.Your boss now wants you to come up with additional layers to add to your project.  She wants you to “use your best judgement” to determine what information might be useful to site users, and wants to test this out by having at least 2 new layers to the site.Technical requirements: 

    1. author and create two projects in ArcMap
    2. publish both of them to the class ArcGIS Server
    3. create “toggle-able” layers and update your website
    4. create a blog entry that describes your work
  2. Group Assignment (due Tuesday)
    EY Ventures has invested heavily on your idea.  They are now asking that you provide a weekly progress report as a blog entry.  Make sure to site any updates on what data sources you intend to use, UI design issues you are encountering, and any additional challenges or question you have as you move towards the official launch of your project.

5 thoughts on “Week 7

  1. Yohddie (that’s a cross between Yoh and Maddie),
    Can one of you add a Week 7 assignment category for our blog posts?



  2. Hey Yoddie,
    I cannot seem to establish new service. I followed the directions and included all the associated files (mxd+shp..etc) in the FTP server folder. I also checked off relative subdir within my mxd. Are there any other reasons that it might not work? :/


    • Dan, use the Google Groups to post your questions, as Ryan monitors that site. There is also a suggestion he just posted there that might help.

    • Dan,
      Your service is pointing to a mxd that does not exist. Right now it points to WHIPPET\projects\UP206B\danwu\dwmap.mxd. However, the only mxd I see in your folder is located at: WHIPPET\projects\UP206B\danwu\asian\asian.mxd.

      To change where your service points to, go to the Manage Services tab, and browse to your personal folder. On the far right, you will see a Pencil Icon under the Edit section. Click that icon to edit your mapservice settings. Click the parameters tab and change your Map Document path to the correct mxd.

      In the future please post questions to the Discussion Forum.

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