Week 8

Things to go over…

  • Office hours
    • Yoh:  Thursdays 3:00-5:00pm (by appointment.  Other times negotiable too. Sandbox, Math Sciences Building)
    • Erin: Wednesdays 1:00 – 3:00pm (fish bowl)
    • Ryan:  12pm Mondays
  • The animals have awoken… Badges!
  • ArcGIS Server review
    • problems?
    • needs?

 Dave’s Corner

Hands-on Coding Workshop

Group Time

  • Open group time


  1. Web development (due MONDAY)
    Management promises to leave you alone after this final request…  They now want you to add data in nice visual charts to your site.  The charts can be based on geocoded locations, bus stop locations (on click), and/or by clicking on the map. 

    Technical requirements:

    1. create a map service on ArcGIS Server (or use an existing one you have previously authored)
    2. add a function that retrieves data from your map service by latitude and longitude, and display a chart(s) using Google Charts API
  2. Group Assignment (due TUESDAY)
    Create a new blog entry that provides a status update for your final project.  Include the following sections: 

    1. Final project proposal (can be a copy paste of main areas from mid-term, but make sure to update with final project goals, and as much detail as possible)
    2. Updated wireframe and/or mockup/storyboards
    3. Current development status
    4. Challenges/issues you are having

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